Frequently Asked Questions



Why Soy Wax?

Eco Soy Wax is a completely natural, plant based product not derived from petrochemicals and free of genetically modified materials. There are NO chemicals, herbicides or pesticides in our hand poured candles. We also use 100% cotton braid wicks free of lead or zinc.  This environmentally friendly, scented soy wax candle smells sensational and while you may experience a soot emission it is definitely not harmful to you or your family. Due to its low melting point, soy wax is cooler and longer lasting than traditional paraffin wax.


  • 100% vegetable wax not tested on animals

  • Enviromentaly friendly natural & biodegradable.

  • Slow burning so our candle will last longer

  • Burns cooler than other wax so safer to use around children & pets

  • A longer lasting stronger scent throw

  • Easily washes out on warm water







How do I care for my Fabulous Soy Candle?

Your candle comes with a candle care card that explains everything.


  •  NEVER leave a burning candle unattended

  •  Allow melt pool to form with first burn to establish memory ~approx 2 to 3 hours

  •  Keep away from children & pets

  •  Place on a level heat resistant surface

  •  Keep soy wax free of debris

  •  Always burn away from drafts

  •  Trim your wick to approx 1/4 inch before each burn

  •  Ensure your wick is centered

  •  Allow to cool before relighting

  •  Only burn to the last 1/4 inch to prevent glass cracking from heat. Scoop out last remaining wax to use in your Melt Burner before washing you Jar in warm soapy water

  •  Enjoy your FS Vintage Soy Candle


How do I select my Fabulous Scent?


Go to our Fabulous Scents Tab at the top of the page and read all about our Ten amazing fragrances. Once you have made your selection simply use the Fabulous Scents Drop Down Box when making your purchase.



Is my payment & details secure?


We are a Premium Paypal Business Account holder. We use your details to process your Order and do NOT keep any of your personal information.



Can you tell me about the appearance of my FSV Soy Candle?


Our Soy Candles are all hand poured and bespoke so no two candles will be alike. A slightly rough top is completely normal not only when they are first produced, but also after they cool from burning. You may also see glass adhesion or "wet spots" this is caused by flucuations in the temperature on your Natural Soy Wax Candle and in no way affects the performance of your product.

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