Fabulous Fairy Brittle!

Do you want your melt burner to be filled with an amazing fragrance , organic botanicals , pure soy wax AND .... glitter! ( There is not enough glitter in our world! )

Fragranced using our No: 11 ~ Fabulous ~ this will delight your senses as it diffuses throughout your home.

Made using our original gorgeous pure soy melt wax to remind you of a Fairy Garden.

A little bit different .... a little bit Fabulous!

Fabulous Fairy Brittle

  • Made using pure soy wax with organic botanicals, fragrance oil & glitter.

    150 grams ( ish)

    * For use in a Melt Burner ( Available in our melt Burner & Melts section)

    * For external use ~ not to be ingested.

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